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Brian Miller

Music Director

(616) 535-0090

Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a Grand Rapids, Michigan native. He lives in the Mitten state with his wife Mandy and three daughters. He spends his time as a professor, worship leader and collaborator on projects involving music, video and theology. Brian is cohost of The Beatitudes Project Podcast and cofounder of City Worship Night with his wife Mandy. Brian holds a Masters Degree in Christian Thought and has spent the past two decades engaged in vocational ministry in a variety of settings. Along with his wife Mandy, Brian hosts spiritual retreats for creatives. Brian has a desire for people to experience the transformation that occurs when we begin to know that we loved by God. You can usually find Brian drinking freshly brewed coffee and reading books written by JRR Tolkien, Thomas F. Torrance and CS Lewis.

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