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Janet Barker


(616) 580-0093

Janet Barker

Born near Saginaw, Janet grew up the oldest of 6. In middle school she discovered a talent for art and stories. Being Catholic, both nuns and lay teachers, fed her sensitive heart with a love of Jesus. She sang in the choir at both Catholic and Lutheran church, as her dad was Lutheran and choir director! Janet studied at Saginaw Valley State, earning a double major in Fine Art and English Literature. Later earning a BA in Illustration and Fine Art at Kendall College. While in Grand Rapids she met and married her husband, Steven, when doing contract artwork. Having had a variety of jobs in offices, retail, pharmacy technician, newspaper artist, freelance artist, and custodial work she feels that God has prepared her with passion for both art and, custodial jobs because of her sense of creativity and organization.

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