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  • Ministry Highlights

    Our Father has provided many opportunities to share in his work through us

    in the past year.

    We have had opportunities to network and share about our work at

    ReachGlobal’s Asia division Conference in Thailand. IWe connected with

    other missionaries, shared stories, and explored possibilities for

    collaboration in ministry.

    In April we were invited to Pereira, Colombia by our friends and partners,

    Jim and Catalina Tate to facilitate the Sacredness of Human Life workshop.

    We were hosted by Pastor Dany and his family. Then In November, we

    returned Pereira again with Caty and Jim. It was a jammed packed two

    weeks of trainings and workshop. We trained eleven new facilitators from

    the March Sacredness of Human Life workshop. We also help Jim and Caty

    facilitate an Abortion Recovery Retreat and trained six of the Abortion

    Recovery participants, to be the next retreat facilitators. They then, hosted

    their own Abortion Recovery Retreat and were coached through its


    In May, we traveled to Port of Spain, Trinidad with a team from Bella Vista

    Church, which included Pastor Mark and Jeff and Kirsten Swanson. We had

    been invited by Pastor Bickram and the Evangelical Church Alliance of T&T to

    facilitate the Sacredness of Human Life workshop, and to train facilitators

    for the multiplication of this ministry. Anne and Dave returned this past

    January to coach our facilitators as they led their own Sacredness of Human

    Life workshop. This April, Anne and Caty will travel again to Trinidad to

    facilitate an Abortion/Sexual Abuse Recovery Retreat and to train another

    group of facilitators for the Sacredness of Human Life workshop.

    In August last year we traveled to our son and daughter-in-law’s church in

    Phillipsburg, Missouri. We were the VBS missionary speakers for 75 very

    energetic children. We work with adults, not little people. But it was fitting

    since their curriculum was about the Sacredness of Human Life and about

    being image bearers of God. Despite our inexperience with audiences of

    little people, these kids were amazing as they listened and actively

    participated in answering questions and providing insight. It was a

    delightfully different week of ministry.

    In October we were in Lilongwe, Malawi, for the third time. This was where

    we first started in ministry two years ago. Our relationship here is with

    Pastor Maxwell and Ellen Banda. Week one was the Training of facilitators.

    Week two, Pastor Max and Anne coached the new facilitators as they led

    their sessions of the workshop to a group of 24 new pastors and leaders.

    The facilitators did a great job needing only a little coaching and guiding

    along the way. Lord willing, we will be returning again this year to now train

    trainer to replicate the workshops on their own.

    In March, Anne attended ReachGlobal’s Africa Division workshop to network

    and to share some of the content of the workshops.

    Lord willing, this August we will be in Mexico for ReachGlobal’s Latin

    America/Caribbean division conference. We will have opportunities to

    share our ministry with the division as well as attending meetings with the

    Global Equipping division, of which we are a part.

    So here we are today, we have heard reports of our facilitators using what

    they have learned to train and disciple others. They have reached out to

    minister to single moms and reported that over 30 infants were saved from

    abortion. Others are using what they learned to share the gospel, to disciple

    their churches on biblical marriage and biblical sexuality. Our prayer is that

    the message of the intrinsic value that God puts on his image bearers

    continues to spread, and the application of this truth, which is life giving and


    Thank you for your prayers, support and partnership in this ministry.

  • Ministry Intro

    Dave and Anne Nelson- Sacredness of Human Life Ministry

    We are missionaries with ReachGlobal, serving with Global Equipping.  We are both

    recently retired.  For 30 years Dave worked in the fruit packaging industry, while for 20

    years I worked internationally with church and organizational leaders discipling in the

    theology of the sacredness of human life. 

    Missionaries who work in ReachGlobal’s Equipping Ministry are home based and take

    their area of expertise like church planting, women's ministry, leadership training etc. to

    places where they are invited. So, we operate out of our home here in Rockford, MI and

    travel to serve the church where invited around the world.

    We are involved in facilitating discussions among ministry leaders, pastors and their

    spouses around the challenge of alignment between the understanding of the Biblical

    worldview on the sacredness of human life and the challenge of living this out. When

    asked, what are some violations of the sanctity of human life, pastors have no problem

    identifying global issues like abortion, domestic abuse, etc. But they also identify issues

    like tribalism, the caste system, and the view of girls that tend to be more influenced by

    their particular culture.  It is difficult anywhere in the world for pastors to talk about

    these sorts of violations but particularly difficult in areas where many of these topics are


    So, revisiting what God has to say about His view of humans and how he created us to

    have his view of others (women, children, the preborn, the outcaste in every society)

    provides opportunities for personal confession and transformation in areas where we

    have sinned against another in some way. We have witnessed the freedom experienced

    by leaders and pastors upon their confession and repentance in this area.  We have

    heard pastors and spouses confess their abortions, domestic abuse, affairs etc. Only the

    Holy Spirit can use the Word with much prayer to have such outcomes. But the personal

    transformation and renewal of these men and women serve their churches and

    ministries with a renewed heart, a changed mind and ministry transformation.


    So much more to be said and if you are interested, we would certainly enjoy sharing with

    you in person.

    For His Glory,

    Anne & Dave Nelson 616-460-0147 616-309-8401

Dave & Anne Nelson

Partnering with Reach Global

Personal Mission Statement:

Seeking to Glorify God by helping to multiply transformational churches among all peoples through discipling in the theology of the Sacredness of Human Life

Dave & Anne Nelson
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